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Cloud WEB Software Service Platform,Network Security,Computer Room Monitoring.
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IoT Cloud WEB Software Service Platform Network Security Computer Room Monitoring

The products include IoT Cloud WEB Software Service Platform, Mail Server, Internet Network Telephony, Network Equipment, major brand Hosts, and Peripherals and Maintenance.


Win Yang World INC. . Founded so far, professional manufacture all kinds of computer information products. Since its inception, has been in line with the purpose of serving all sectors, at the huge amount of money and effort, research and development, in order to make products and service quality improvement.
The following are the same as the Win Yang World INC. is 3C (computer, communications, electronics) company, the product has IoT cloud services and software development and design, mail server, network telephone exchange, network equipment, the major brands and the surrounding host and maintenance.
The following are the same as the Since its inception, Win Yang World INC. has been committed to system integration. In recent years, through the introduction of various cutting-edge products and technologies, as well as excellent software development and integration capabilities to assist financial securities, telecommunications, medical institutions, government and police, and High-tech manufacturing and other industries continue to meet the challenges of customers.
The following are the same as the The maintenance of content based on the needs of the enterprise information system, whether or not there is a dedicated information company, or a part of the delegation to do the risk transfer and to enable the information staff to concentrate on ensuring the operation of the business process in the enterprise, , And save a lot of time to solve the problem caused by the loss of time, so that enterprises can really play the value of information set personnel. There is no need to increase the cost of additional personnel and reduce the cost of staffing when the temporary or phased demand for manpower increases. But also by the contract binding, and access to certain business quality of the enterprise.